What is Clear Backblast

As mentioned in the sidebar, Clear Backblast! is a reddit based group that plays the ArmA series.

We aim for a realism-based playstyle, albeit one that sidesteps all the fixed hierarchy and ranks that are prevalent in the Arma community.

We strive to be an open and approachable community and fun takes priority in all of our games, whether they’re our realism-focused Saturday missions or relaxed and impromptu manshoots.

Saturday Missions

Our primary event of the week takes place almost every Saturday at 2100 UTC. While this may not be convenient for everything, it's the best compromise we could come up with that works for players across the US, EU and Oceania regions. Each Saturday mission should include a countdown timer that adjusts that time to your local timezone.

Usually several days prior to each mission a post will be made to the subreddit listing information about it and slots for signups. The majority of listed slots will be first come, first serve. The exceptions to this are specialty slots like pilots or player antagonists which may be selected by lottery.

Latrine Duty? Reserves?

We generally break up signups into three categories:

- If you know you can make it, you should sign up for a slot. Signups are important because they help us judge expected players and whether scaling or additional slots are needed.

- Reserves are for people who may be able to attend but don't want to take a slot because there's still the possibility they may miss it.

- Latrine duty is a tongue-in-cheek way of saying that you won't be able to make it but still want to make your presence known.

Do you play outside of Saturday games?

Since Discord is our primary mode of organization outside of reddit, you can hop on there and ask if anyone is interested in Arma or you can use the .server chat command to query server status. Teamspeak may also have some people mulling about who may be interested in games.

Is Apex required to play with you?

Apex is not explicitly required but is strongly recommended.

In October the moratorium we placed on using Apex content was lifted, which gives mission makers the option of using Tanoa or its assets. Some maps may also update themselves to use Apex assets, as is the case for Australia starting with version 5.07.

How can I join you?

As mentioned in the sidebar, there's no formal “joining” or “application” process.

To elaborate a bit more, anyone is free to jump on in take part in any weeknight sessions. For Saturday games though we'd like you to fill out a brief Google Docs questionnaire first. Besides getting a basic headcount of those who've played with us, it's a good way to determine the level of familiarity of players with the basics of Arma, ACE and ACRE and whether they may need to be put in a team with some more experienced players for their first Saturday mission or not.

Once you fill it out, that's it. Download the mods, sign up for any slot you think sounds like something you want to do and show up.

We also encourage everyone to come introduce yourself on Discord if you've filled it out or if you have any questions before filling it out. Outside of the subreddit, Discord is our main mode of communication.

You can find the questionnaire here.

Do you have any requirements?

We do not conduct formal applications or interviews, we do not have any exclusivity requirements and we do not have any attendance requirements.

We do ask that you not be disruptive during games or disrespectful to others.

We also ask that during serious games you listen to your team lead/squad lead/platoon lead/etc. because realism and because they volunteer to take those sometimes stressful positions to try and have fun just like you do.

During your first game with us, we'd like it if you signed up for a grunt role - that is, any role that isn't a leadership position (squad leads, team leads) or a specialized role (pilots, medics, etc). Things that would count as grunt include automatic rifleman, machine gunners, anti-tank rifleman, assistant roles, etc.

We have a slightly wordier version of most of that here but that's generally about it.

How do I get the mods you use?

Luckily, the mod manager Arma3Sync the whole process of getting set up fairly simple.

We have a here that will walk you through the process from installing A3S to getting in game.

It is strongly recommended you read through the whole thing. Also please try and set them up before any event. If you have any questions there are usually people on Discord at most hours.


We have some guides located here that people may find helpful.


We have a page dedicated to the three most common issues people run across here.


What do the colored flairs mean?

We try to flair posts to categorize what they are.

  • The light green color is for Arma 3 events
  • Grey is for AARs that are usually made after events
  • The dark green color is for announcements
  • Blue is for training events
  • The brown color is for Arma 2 events. This flair is no longer in use.

Does anyone stream?

Some users may be streaming our Saturday or other games. As people begin streaming the VossV2 bot will announce it in #lounge in discord. Alternatively, you may use the .streams chat command to get a list of currently streaming players.

Mission post format

For missions posts, there's a specific format that we try and follow. You can find an example here.

Can I advertise CBB?

We have very little in the way or a “promotional policy” however there's a few important things to keep in mind.

We ask that you remain respectful and classy when posting CBB-related links. Don't spam subreddits with your videos, don't poach members from other groups, that sort of thing. If you're interested in helping recruit to make CBB let us know.

Whose in charge of things?

There isn't any one person in charge of things. Organization and operations are carried out by a small group of users made up of some founding members of CBB as well as other active members of the community who are interested in making sure things run smoothly.

If you have any questions that are directed towards staff, you can send it through subreddit mod mail or you can ask anyone from the sidebar either on reddit or Discord.

Likewise, If you're interested in helping out at all please seek someone out on Discord.

Joint operations

“You seem like cool dudes. Would you be interested in doing a joint op with us?”

Assuming we have compatibility between play styles, yes, we would probably be interested in doing joint ops with other groups or communities. See above to see how to get in contact with the people who organize CBB.

Mission suggestion box

Have an idea for a mission that want to see made? We have a Google Docs forum open to anyone to suggest ideas for things to run. It can be found here.

CBB Elsewhere

Looking for non-Arma related CBB things? Look no further.