Directory for all guides maintained by Clear Backblast members.

ACRE Radio Speakers by Hoozin
Instructions on using the AN/PRC-148 AND AN/PRC-152 internal speaker.

ACRE Reference
General reference for basic radio procedure, and common prowords and their uses.

FNF - Ambush and Counter Ambush by Thendash
Instructions on conducting ambushes at a platoon level or smaller.

Basic Infantry SOP by Hoozin
A shortened cut of the US Army Ranger Handbook.

Convoy Training Course by BakaKoneko
Instructions on conducting convoy operations.

Fireteam Leading by Quex
Instructions on performing a FTL role.

Land Navigation by Thendash
Instructions on performing basic map reading and land navigation duties.

Map Reading by Quex
Details on map reading, position finding, and route planning.

Mission Making by GruntBuster7
Mission making introduction and guide.

Simple cache by Iron
How to simple cache.

FNF - Raid by Thendash
Instructions on conducting raids at a platoon level or smaller.

RHS PGO-7V3 Optic Diagram by GeorgRavioli
Diagram on understanding the PGO-7V3 optic for the RPG-7.

Setup Guide by Fadi
Steps you through installing and setting up the modset for ArmA 3 using A3Sync.

Aircraft/JTAC Guide by Sekh
Document covering all the airframes in RHS, a basic guide to being a pilot or JTAC, as well as some training documents, helpful videos, and mission overviews.

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