This code of conduct applies to all CBB events - both the structured Saturday mission as well as more relaxed midweek events.

### Conduct yourselves in a respectful, mature, and friendly manner This one is intentionally vague for a reason, and we expect people to police themselves accordingly. Two simple tests one can use to evaluate a comment are:

* “Is what I am about to say going to have a decent chance of genuinely offending someone in a public setting?” * “Did I just say something that made the teamspeak channel go utterly silent in shock?”

We would prefer one ask oneself these questions before making some questionable remark, but we can and will enforce this rule after the fact from now on. Remember: *it is far easier for you to simply not say something awful, than it is for someone else to not find that thing awful after you’ve said it*.

### During Saturday sessions and briefings, there's a lot of moving parts. Please be patient while those organizing things are trying to do their jobs. Disruptions will not be tolerated

The community is already very good about this, so this is merely a formal declaration of the rule. Examples include:

* Text chat during briefings is fine as long as it doesn’t become a distraction. * Idle or unrelated chatter during sessions is equally fine as long as it isn’t disrupting efforts to organize/direct/run/etc. a session.

Counter examples that would be considered disruptive:

* Talking over someone trying to give a briefing or using text chat to do the same. * “Derp” or distracting behaviour in session when people in leadership roles are trying to organize/direct/etc. * “Derp” activities at the end of a session: chucking grenades, shooting teammates, etc.

### You're free to have a hearty debate about whatever you like, once it becomes disruptive we ask that it be taken elsewhere

An obvious example here is politics. If you can discuss something like reasonable adults that’s fine, but if it can’t stay reasonable we expect it to stop or be taken elsewhere. For reference on what might be considered “reasonable”, see the first Code of Conduct rule

### Listen to leadership in mission

We aren’t a milsim group with ranks or salutes. The people who take leadership positions are those who volunteer to do so. Given that you're here, there's some expectation to listen to what they say while in game both for realisms and because they're in it to have fun just like you are.

### Recruiting policy

We don't have much in the way of a recruiting policy. There's still a few basic rules to follow: Don't spam, don't poach members from other groups, don't be misleading people about who we are or our gameplay style.

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