Mission Post Formatting Example



TIME: [Saturday, January 07 2017, 2100UTC](http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=CBB+Saturday+Op&iso=20170107T21&p1=1440&ah=3)



     Paragraph synopsis here

     Additional paragraph here



*Insert slot notes here*

Example: Let's get the leadership slots full first if we can: CO, SLs, and Senior Riflemen. If you've wanted to try one, now is a good time! (We strongly recommend **[starting with FTL](https://docs.google.com/document/d/17kJsQHVuf1iD8uzkFH_sAlr-GqozOGbSsQSDhPy2aNc/edit?usp=sharing)** if you haven't done any leadership stuff before.)

Example: **Italicized slots are going to be lottery slots, that is, you'll state your intent to play it and on Thursday evening EST we'll pick the people at random. If you don't get the slot, consider yourself reserves for the main game (you won't get a specific slot and will instead take whatever's available at the slot screen)**


   Platoon Leader:  
     Platoon Sergeant:  
     *Platoon Medic*:   

**Example Squad**

   Squad Leader: Two spaces at the end of a line for a clean line break  
     Alpha 1 Fireteam Leader: Name   
       Automatic Rifleman: Name   
       Grenadier: Name  
       Rifleman (AT): Name  
     A2 FTL:  

**Example Section**  

   Section Leader: Name  
     A1 Automatic Rifleman:  Name  
     A1 Rifleman (AT):  Name  
     A1 Grenadier:  Name  
   A2 Team Leader:  
     A2 AR:  
     A2 RMAT:  
     A2 GRN:  


   *Tank Commander:* Name  
     *Tank Gunner:* Name  
     *Tank Driver:*  

**Other Independent Element**

   *Aircrew:* Name  



**Latrine Duty:**



**Mission Notes:**

* Mission notes here

* Mission notes here

* Mission notes here


##Other stuff

Notes here



  *Medic* -  

  *Armor* -  

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