WW2 Preset Changes - July 23rd, 2017

Due to some changes on our end, the autoconfig URL for the WW2 repo has changed. This requires you to edit your Arma3Sync entriy for the repo.

  • You WILL NOT need to redownload the modset.
  • Clear Backblast - Module - World War 2: https://cdn.clearbackblast.com/mod_ww2/.a3s/autoconfig

Step 1

Open Arma3Sync and select the Repositories tab. Then proceed to click + (Plus) button on the right side to open the Add New Repository window.

Step 2

Paste the autoconfig URL into the textbox, press Import, then press OK. The repo Clear Backblast - Module - World War 2 is now added, and ready for use.

Step 3

Lastly, you will now have 2 WW2 repos, you can safely remove the old one now.

  • Clear Backblast - Module - World War 2: The new one, that should be kept.
  • Clear Backblast - Optional - World War 2: The old one, which can be safely removed

When I try to check mods, it pulls an error

First off try updating your Java Runtime Environment and trying it again. Failing that, mention @Admin in #workshop on discord.

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