ACRE Internal Radio Speaker Reference

By Hoozin

This short guide will assume that you already have the basics of these radios as in opening them, setting channels, volumes, and spacialization. It should be noted that when you turn on the internal speaker on these radios, it will reset your spacialization for that radio to both ears, since you’re not longer using a headset piped into a specific ear. I assume that this is intended behavior, I think I’d like if it didn’t do that, but there you go.

Select and open your PRC-148. It will look like this:


Press the MODE button, highlighted here:


This will take you to a new menu with some basic options, as shown below. Press the ENT button with “TOP AUDIO” selected:


This will highlight the TOP AUDIO option. Use the ▼ and ▲ buttons to change that option:


Once it says INT AUDIO, hit ENT again:


TA-DA! Now those around you can hear your radio comms, like you always wanted them to.

Hit the ESC button to return to your normal screen.

Select and open your PRC-152. It will look like this:


From here, press 7 (OPT) on the keypad, this is either “Options” or the “Operational” menu, depending on where I look:


This will bring you to a new options menu, as shown:


Use the 6 (▲) and 9 (▼) buttons on the keypad to navigate to RADIO OPTIONS and press ENT:


Navigate to RADIO SPEAKER using the 6 (▲) and 9 (▼) buttons on the keypad. Press ENT:


Using the 9 (▼) button on the keypad, turn on the RADIO SPEAKER, then press ENT:


TA-DA! You’ve turned on the radio speaker.

Press CLR after the menu changes to return to the normal status menu.

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