List of Changes

  • Diwako's DUI — A replacement for STUI
  • cbb_tweaks_adv_acecpr — This adjusts the weights of the adv_acecpr defibrillator
  • STUI
  • CBB Framework
  • GRAD Trenches
  • cbb_tweaks_grad_trenches

CBB Framework Update

Today we jump forward two versions of framework, full patch notes are available on gitlab for 1.5.0 & 1.6.0. A brief summary of the update:

  • Wave Respawn system
  • Chat restriction system
  • Removal of sandbags and bodybags from default loadouts
  • Earplugs for those that want to use ACE Hearing
  • Default hardcore medical for missions


What why would we remove STUI, we've been using it for years?!

While Clear Backblast! has used STUI for a very long time, we feel it's time to move on. I mean, sort of. We're still going to have the same functionality, just… different.

Advantages of DUI

  • Significant user customization
  • Less bloat
  • Less restrictive license
  • Better performance (maybe)

But I hate change, I want my radar to look at like STUI!

Alright alright, get ingame and open your Addon Options menu and set these values:

(Disclaimer: These are my (Theo's) options, most of which are close to STUI, except for like, the font.)

  • DUI - Squad Radar - Main
    • Font: PuristaLight
    • Color Scheme: ACE 3
    • Hide while ACE Interacting: Unchecked
  • DUI - Squad Radar - Radar
    • Compass
      • Compass Style: Classic
    • General Settings
      • UI Scaling: 1.15
    • Name List
      • Text Size: 0.900
      • Vertical Padding Modifier: 0.900
      • Text Outline: Shadow

Is it close enough? You be the judge.



At the end of the day, it's up to you to configure it to what you're comfortable with.