Locality: TODO!

Description: Regears player object with class from set

Syntax: [object, class, set, ignoreCache] call cbb_framework_gear_fnc_regear

Parameters: [object, class, set, ignoreCache] Array

object: Object (optional, default: player)

class: String of Class (optional, default: nil)

set:String of Set (optional, default: nil)

ignoreCache: TODO - ask Theo (optional, default: false)

Return Value: Bool - returns true if successful

Example 1:

[player, "Medic", "rhs_usmc"] call cbb_framework_gear_fnc_regear //Regear player as 'medic' from set 'rhs_usmc'

Example 2:

[] call cbb_framework_gear_fnc_regear //Regear player with gear already set in loadout config
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  • by Skeet