[WIP]xx##(##) Name (modifier)(modifier)

[WIP] Work In Progress tag. Only to be used for unfinished missions. Include [ ] for sorting reasons.

xx Mission type identifier

  • ap - ALiVE persistent
  • co - Coop
  • ca - Coop w/ antagonists
  • tvt - TVT
  • misc- None of the above

## Maximum number of players

(##) (Optional) Minimum number of players

name Mission name

  • Use _ instead of spaces.
  • If using “Operation” at the start of a mission name, truncate to “Op”

(modifier) (Optional) Modifiers Provide more information about mission requirements

  • gm - Missions meant to have a player GM, generally AI will be sparse so it can be scaled
  • nhc - Headless Client not supported

All missions are assumed to use Headless client unless noted.

  • hpc - High player count variant
  • lpc - Low player count variant


Mission .pbo filename.


Example: co32-the_folly_of_icarus-(hpc).Chernarus.pbo

Mission name Please do not enter a mission name on the Intel box. Leave it blank to display the filename on the mission select screen.

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