The Clearbackblast mission framework includes a briefing template filled out with an example following the NATO template on this page. It is located at:


NATO Template

This is the NATO Operations Order (OPSORD) style briefing.

    1. Enemy: Enemy numbers, types and what they are doing
    2. Friendly: Friendly units and what they are doing
    3. Atts/Dets: Assets attached or detached from the unit. E.g. MMG team, CAS, etc.
  2. MISSION One sentance description of the overall task. MUST include; who(Unit callsign), what(objective, eg. town name), when(the date and time), where(what island, where on it), why(how this task fits with higher level plan), and how(what type of mission, eg. platoon attack, raid, ect).
    1. Intent: Quick description of the units overall task.
    2. Concept: Quick description of how the units task fits in with higher level operations. Make soldiers feel part of a bigger plan.
    3. Tasks: Task list. Pretty much copy of in-game task list.
    4. Coordinations: Limit of advances, timings for tasks if necessary, basically any misc info that could have to do with another unit
    1. Support: Notes on loadout, resupply points.
    2. Medical Evac: Respawn point and/or respawn type.
  5. COMMAND AND SIGNAL Callsigns and radio channels.

Warsaw Pact Template

This is the Warsaw Pact Combat Order style briefing.

  1. Enemy
  2. Higher and Adjacent Units
  3. Boundaries
  4. Concept
  5. Mission
  6. Orders
    1. Tasks
    2. Tasks to support units
    3. Timeline
    4. Signals
  7. Coordinations
  8. Command Location
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