Instructions on installing the CBB preset compositions can be found in the Introduction. These compositions are stored under Groups (F2) in the Customs tab of the editor.


These compositions are simple placeable assets for use as player or enemy units.

  • Russian Airborne Platoon (BMD)
  • Russian Motorized Rifle Platoon (BMP)(Modified)
  • Russian Motorized Rifle Platoon (BTR)(Modified)
  • Soviet Airborne Platoon (1984) (Modified)
  • Soviet Motorized Rifle Platoon (1984)
  • Soviet Zephyr Miniplatoon
  • US Army Infantry Platoon
  • US Marine Infantry Platoon
  • Operation Dragonar Platoon


These compositions are useful for adding functionality. Some require additional customisation, as detailed in the next section.

  • Example respawning vehicle
  • Gamemasters (BLUFOR)
  • Gamemasters (INDFOR)
  • Gamemasters (OPFOR)
  • Respawn Markers
  • Setup


These compositions can be placed like any other group- they are included for convenience's sake.


Example respawning vehicle

This composition uses an '.sqf' file to force respawn of an abandoned or destroyed vehicle. Instructions are included in the composition, but are elucidated here for the sake of convenience. To enable the respawn of a vehicle, the text included in the 'init' line of the example vehicle must be copied and pasted into the 'init' line of the vehicle that is intended to respawn:

_nul = [this,3600,15] execVM "scripts\vehicleRespawn.sqf";

The first number is the abandonment timer- the time it takes for the vehicle to respawn if it is left unused by players. The second number number is the destruction respawn timer- this is the amount of time a wrecked vehicle will stay present before respawning. If a vehicle is 'mobility-killed' then it is considered destroyed. Note that the vehicle will not respawn if it is too close to its initial spawn location.


In order to have a player act as a Game Master, this module must be placed; the side is only relevant to the side of the GM character and has no bearing on their ability to place assets. This composition already lists the attached units as playable; if only one GM is desired, the spare unit can be safely deleted.

Respawn Markers

Compulsory; these should be placed in locations relevant to each side- respawn_west should be placed where BLUFOR units are intended to respawn.


Compulsory; these modules should be in every mission. It is fine to leave them off the edge of the map, but they must be included somewhere in the mission.


Any group selection can be turned into a composition by right-clicking a member of the group and selecting 'Create Composition…' from the drop-down menu. When saving compositions, it is important to remember that spaces will appear as “%20” in file format, so using underscores instead of spaces is advised. Ideally the composition should be saved as the most logical category i.e. a custom fortification should be saved as a structure.


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