What is Clear Backblast?

Clear Backblast! is a reddit based group that plays the ArmA series.

We strive to be an open and approachable community where fun takes priority in all of our games. Whether our realism-focused Saturday missions, or relaxed impromptu manshoots.

Our primary event takes place on Saturdays at 2100 GMT. While this may not be convenient for everyone, it is the best compromise that works for players across the US, EU and Oceania regions.

Each Saturday mission will include a countdown timer that adjusts that time to your local timezone. Read more…


There is no formal “joining” or “application” process.

Anyone is free to jump in and take part in any impromptu weekday sessions. For Saturday games we like you to fill out a brief Google Docs questionnaire first. Besides getting a basic headcount of those who've played with us, it's a good way to determine the level of familiarity of players with the basics of ArmA, ACE, ACRE, and whether or not they need to be put in a team with some more experienced players for their first Saturday.

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