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 <div box column 33% h250> <div box column 33% h250>
-<a arma_editing:​missions:​home>​+<a :arma_editing:​missions:​home>​
 //​**__Getting Started__**//​ //​**__Getting Started__**//​
 </a> </a>
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 <div box column 32% h250> <div box column 32% h250>
 +<a :​arma_editing:​missions:​framework:​home>​
 //**__CBB Mission Framework__**//​ //**__CBB Mission Framework__**//​
   * [[:​arma_editing:​missions:​framework:​home]]   * [[:​arma_editing:​missions:​framework:​home]]
   * [[:​arma_editing:​missions:​framework:​briefing]]   * [[:​arma_editing:​missions:​framework:​briefing]]
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